Alfredo De Jesús O. | Transnational Arbitration & Litigation

is a Paris-based boutique law firm specializing in transnational dispute resolution, with a particular focus on the oil and gas, mining and construction industries and transnational disputes involving States and state entities.

Our Clients are States, state entities, corporations, entrepreneurs and other law firms.

We believe in a new global and transnational approach to legal advice and services and in a flexible structure and business model in line with the newest trends in legal theory, practice and services.


We believe that economic globalization has not only changed the way our clients do business in the 21st century, but that it has also encouraged the globalization or transnationalization of the rule of law. We also believe that transnational arbitration has become the preferred mechanism of dispute resolution of this new world order.

The globalization or transnationalization of the rule of law and dispute resolution has shifted the paradigms of legal theory and practice. Therefore, in addition to the traditional international or multinational approaches to legal advice, we focus and have gained a specific reputation in the legal market on conceiving truly innovative global and transnational legal strategies and solutions for our clients.


In this new era of hyper-connectivity and mobility we have adopted a flexible business model that allows us to work collaboratively with other legal or industry experts and other law firms around the world while remaining truly independent and autonomous.

Over the years we have developed a great professional network and our deep implication in the academic world allows not only to be at the cutting-edge of new legal theories and industry developments but also to have a direct access to some of the most talented minds in our fields.

Our flexible structure and business model allows us to handle a wide array of cases around the world, regardless of their size, complexity or amounts at stake.