Alfredo De Jesus News Dr. Alfredo De Jesús O. Appointed To The List Of Arbitrators Of The Mercosur For State State Disputes

Dr. Alfredo De Jesús O., appointed to the List of Arbitrators of the Mercosur for State-State Disputes

The firm is proud to announce that Dr. Alfredo De Jesús O., has been appointed by the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to the List of Arbitrators and Chairpersons of Arbitral Tribunals in the Mercosur for State-State Disputes.

These lists are constituted in accordance with Articles 11.1 and 11.2 of the Protocol of Olivos for Dispute Settlement in the Mercosur.

The Protocol of Olivos is an international instrument adopted by States Parties of the Mercosur integration system to ensure the correct interpretation, implementation and enforcement of the integration system and its rules.